Join us at a new location Sunday at 10am at the Crystal Community Center as we gather for public worship.

Seek & Search

Spring Prayer Focus

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

— Matthew 6:33

When Jesus spoke those words, it was in the context of exhorting his followers to not be anxious about what they will eat or wear. Our Father in Heaven knows that we need such things for our frail bodies, so we can focus on following after him rather than fretfully chasing down those tangible items. This holds true for us as a church as well—the Lord knows a place out of the elements can serve the public worship of Christ and the disciple-making mission he's given us.

But as we desire to search for a more permanent space for us as a church to gather, we want to devote ourselves to seek first his kingdom. We have confidence God sovereignly provides all that we need.  As a church, let's give ourselves for eight weeks to seek him that what we want and what we need would be aligned. We want to move forward only if God's presence will go with us (cf. Exodus 33:15-16).

So for the eight weeks between April 18 and June 12, the pastoral team is calling Westview to "seek & search" in focused prayer this Spring.

Three Objectives:


When the Bible talks about the "kingdom of God," it mainly has in view God's kingly reign over creation. So as we pray, "Your kingdom come," we're asking the Lord to make what is ultimately true increasingly evidently true. God does rule and reign over all, and we yearn for the reign of Christ to be seen more clearly. And where else will we look to see what it is that the King has decreed than in his holy Word?  Over these eight weeks, we will read nearly the entire New Testament.


The mission Christ sent his Church on is to make disciples of all nations. Through his providence, God has put us in this place, around these people, in this time that we might testify to the One who has been given all authority in Heaven and on Earth. We've been sent to herald the good news of the King that more may follow as loyal citizens of his kingdom. Searching for a more permanent space to gather isn't so much about us, but about those who may come to hear and believe. For eight weeks, identify three non-Christians you know through where you live, work, or play and pray for the Spirit to move in their lives.


We are eager to go on sharing not only the gospel but our very own selves (1 Thessalonians 2:8) with our neighbors and those who join us in public worship. We could better exhibit generous hospitality as a local church in a space with greater flexibility. It has been a great gift to meet together in the places the Lord has provided, but the pastors believe he would have something even better for us. While it is unlikely for us to purchase a building anytime soon, we want to search for a space that would allow us to:
  • Be more anchored as a church in the community,
  • Host more functions that would advance the mission (e.g., services, meals, outreach), and
  • Welcome those who come in unhurried hospitality.
So we will devote time to specifically pray over these eight weeks that God will lead us as a church in searching for a more permanent space, if that would be his will for us.

Eight Weeks of Guided Prayer

  1. Hallowed Be Your Name (April 18-24) 
  2. Your Kingdom Come (April 25 - May 1)
  3. Your Will Be Done (May 2-8)
  4. Give What We Need (May 9-15)
  5. Shape Us in the Gospel (May 16-22)
  6. Make Us Holy (May 23-29)
  7. Call New Disciples (May 30 - June 5)
  8. Provide a Place (June 6-12)