Join us at a new location Sunday at 10am at the Crystal Community Center as we gather for public worship.

Discipleship Group

... teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

— Matthews 28:20

Discipleship Groups aim to advance covenant members' faith and obedience to all that Jesus commanded through study, prayer, and accountability.

These gender-specific groups of 3-5 men or women are the primary strategic ministry of Westview. It is in the context of these relationships that we go deeper to know and be known by others for our mutual growth in Christlikeness. We are not aiming for a nice chat over coffee—we want to wrestle deeply together with God's Word and help each other walk in greater obedience to the Lord Jesus. This is the mission for which he promised his empowering presence.

Developing broader relationships within the community at Westview takes shape in Community Groups.

Discipleship Group components include ...


Come prepared to share what you have been learning through your study of Scripture. Groups are encouraged to study a book of the Bible—our regular diet should be God's Word. However, working through another book or resource that facilitates our understanding of Scripture is helpful as well. The "Swedish Method" for study and discussion is a useful tool for groups to use as well:
  • Light Bulb – What impacted you most or stood out to you in the passage?
  • Question Mark – What is difficult to understand in the passage? Or, what would you want to ask the author or God about the passage?
  • Arrow – What application does the passage have to your life? What is it calling you to believe, repent, do, respond?


Allow time for each group member to repent of their sin and others apply the gospel and God’s Word to their life. Honest vulnerability is key here—meeting regularly will be irrelevant if we’re not engaging in a certain kind of way.


Share known opportunities in the coming week to share the gospel or how you can plan to make those opportunities. Conclude by praying for those individuals and for one another.