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Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving next week, I hope you've been thinking about more than just the menu and the things to get done or the arrangements still yet to be made or the house that will somehow have to get cleaned. I hope you have made time to reflect on what you will give thanks for.

As a church, we have much to thank God for. He's established us as a church. He's made a way for us to meet every Sunday in person. He's brought dear brothers and sisters to follow Christ in all of life with us. He's moved through us to save sinners and sanctify saints. And as I mentioned Sunday, he has provided for us financially.

As we look to the end of the year, we anticipate your generous giving to be the means of God's provision for the expenses of the church. That's been true for the first ten months of the year. But while we are not in a financial position where we are desperate for year-end gifts to meet our expenses, we are looking ahead to 2022 and beyond and asking the Lord to bless us that his way may be known on earth (cf. Psalm 67).

Towards that end, the pastoral team has set a financial goal of $350,000 to be well positioned to move into a more permanent facility. We don't know when or what that will be, but we want to plan towards being ready to cover renovation costs, delayed maintenance, a down payment, or other related expenses. The Lord knows what we will need. And a means he may use is our strategic stewarding of the resources he has entrusted to us. We are asking him provide us a place where we can more hospitably welcome our neighbors in following Christ, make disciples who grow in the gospel, and send emissaries of the King across the street and to the ends of the earth on joyful mission. And praise the Lord—he has already provided to us 10% of that goal.

Will you pray and ask if the Lord would have you make a year-end gift beyond your normal donations? Or if you don't give consistently already, maybe seeking God in his Word and prayer over the remaining weeks of this year would be the means of stirring you to start. But whatever gift you may make, may it flow from faith. Faith that knows—as Pastor Haakon said a few weeks ago—that God doesn't need our giving, but we sure do.

Church, I am so grateful to God for what he has done in you and through you. And I'm asking him to do more.

Gratefully Asking for More,
Pastor Brett
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