Join us at a new location Sunday at 10am at the Crystal Community Center as we gather for public worship.
Memorizing Scripture
by Annie Donnelly on February 7th, 2024
A few weeks ago, I got a chance to talk to the kids Sunday school class for a few minutes about memorization as I will be helping them with their memory verses going forward. Rather than start right away with the first verse, I took this first week to encourage them that scripture memory is worth it and that even adults like me use lots of strategies to help them learn it and retain it.As we will ...  Read More
The Regulated Free Market Ministry
by Brett Toney on July 24th, 2023
The concept of a “regulated free market” approach to ministry comes from Jamie Dunlop. The idea builds on the economic system where goods and services are developed and sold in accord to supply and demand. Have a valuable good or needed service? That assessment will be confirmed by demand. If no one wants to buy what you’re selling, either it isn’t needed or the concept needs more work. However, t...  Read More
Commonplace Discipleship
by Hope Wiseman on March 9th, 2023
Discipleship is about formation, not affirmation or information. We are instructed to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.” To be a fully formed and whole person means having rightly ordered thinking, rightly ordered feeling, and rightly ordered actions. In Norms and Nobility, David Hicks says, “The purpose of education is not the assimilation of facts or the retention of information, but the habitation of the mind and body to will and act in accordance with what one knows.” This is what commonplace discipleship aims to foster.  Read More
Giving Thanks
by Brett Toney on November 18th, 2021
We are not in a financial position where we are desperate for year-end gifts to meet our expenses, but we are looking ahead to 2022 and beyond and asking the Lord to bless us that his way may be known on earth (cf. Psalm 67).  Read More